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Naomi Tabor Naomi Tabor has over 15 years of experience in organizing and managing international events. Feel free to ask Naomi any question regarding events & weddings in Israel.

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  • Events in Israel
  • Events in Israel

Corporate Events in Israel

Whether a congress, a convention, a seminar, an important meeting, a party for your customers or for your staff, or literally whatever it is, events are crucial to getting your message across, getting your product marketed and sold, obtaining cooperation and financing, or creating a team.

Imagine Events will create the event for you, not so you just hold and event, but so that you get the exact product you wish to get from it. Our team is specialized both in marketing and public relations and has a lot of experience in creating truly effective events for clients across Europe.

We also organize and create team building. It is important for any company to realize that its greatest wealth is the combined willingness of its staff. It is therefore invaluable to cater to this willingness and make it grow strong, getting all employees really behind company goals and strategies and forwarding them energetically. This can be done with team building alone. Team building is usually done with one or a series of events tailored for your company.

Imagine will create any of these events with you so you do achieve the absolute best envisioned result. Tell us what you have in mind by clicking and we will get back to you with our proposal.

Marketing Events

You want your company to hit bull’s eye? You want your product known, correctly positioned? You want to gain the cooperation of other companies, investors, individuals, retailers, suppliers?

Whatever the campaign is for your product we will work along this line to forward and expand the result of this campaign exponentially. This is done by creating and producing either one or a series of events which will market your product to its target public, using the communication channels most viewed or used by this target public, and following all aspects of marketing technology.

Whether a product launch or campaign event, these can gain you incomparable name recognition and promotion for your product. Imagine Events will create this for you in accordance to your needs and budget. Tell us what you have in mind by clicking and we will get back to you with our proposal.


Getting donors and potential donators together for an event can be the make break point of your fundraising campaign.

But all fundraising events have to be organized and worked out precisely in order to raise immediate funds and gain you the trust and allegiance of your donors.

This starts with promoting your fundraiser and getting your guests confirmed to attend. It is probable that your public gets solicited for similar events and it is therefore key to create the event and communicate about the occasion in a way that will get your event well attended. It is then of the utmost importance to carry out the event so these guests will always come back to your fundraisers.

Your donors like to invest in great causes, in bold and exciting dreams. They need to feel they can trust you and your campaign. Imagine will plan this event with you so you get exactly this result.

Tell us what you have in mind by clicking and we will get back to you with our proposal.

Artistic Events

Imagine Events organizes concerts, recitals, shows, parties with live entertainment and artistic support, balls, you name it. Small or large, these events can often fail on organization alone.

Imagine Events works with some of the most renowned professionals in Israel and coordinates all their planning, schedules and actions into one successful event.

From parking to sound, from ticketing to stage construction, Imagine will guide you in getting everything organized so your event is a complete success.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will get back to you with our proposal.

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  • "I wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last 8 months which culminated in our wedding being the best day of my life. It is not easy when you are so far away but I soon found I could trust you completely. You are as much of a perfectionist as I am! Further, you added so much to this event with all the creative ideas you brought to us. Many of my guests specifically acknowledged the creativity that went into everything." more...

  • "My husband and I used the services of Naomi and Imagine Events for our wedding in Israel last year. All in all, it was a success 100%. She took care of absolutely everything. We as the couple had nothing to worry about, the wedding was perfect and every one of our guests complimented us about it, she took care of negotiatingg all the prices very well with the Israeli suppliers and ran them on every little detail." more...

  • "Thank you so much for finding everyone that worked on the wedding. But most importantly, thank you for YOU because you have been so helpful and demonstrated immense care, support, love toward not only your job but toward us as a couple. We enjoyed working with you and hope that we will work with you in the near future on our returning Anniversary trip celebration to Israel!" more...

  • "I would like to thank you very much. We received many, and solely enthusiastic responses from our guests, thanks to the excellent performance you and your team delivered during the four days of events and the many weeks of preparation. Your fast, flexible yet cost-effective approach was much appreciated. I’d recommend your service anytime and do hope to being able to work with you again in the future." more...