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  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding
  • The Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding

A Jewish wedding is full of meaningful traditions, which express the significance and purpose of marriage. These wedding traditions are the symbol of the beauty of the relationship between husband and wife.

The following summarizes the Jewish wedding traditions and its beauty and joy:

  • The wedding day is a day of fasting up to the ceremony for the chatan (groom) and kallah (bride).
  • First are the Kabbalat Panim which are separate receptions for the chatan and kallah which are held prior to the wedding ceremony. These have specific rites.
  • After this comes the Badeken which is the veiling of the kallah by the chatan.
  • Next is the ceremony which takes place under the Huppa, a canopy open on all 4 sides. It is a symbol of the home to be built and shared by the couple. The Huppah is usually held outside, under the stars, as a sign of the blessing given to the patriarch Abraham that his children shall be as the stars of the heavens. Various steps of the wedding ceremony ensue, all full of symbols and traditions performed under the Huppa.
  • The key steps therein are the Kiddushin, which is a blessing, the Giving of the ring, the signing of the Ketubah, which is the marriage contract, then the Seven blessings and finally the Breaking of the glass, which marks the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.
  • Next is the Yichud where the couple is escorted to a private room and left alone for the first time. The fast is broken at this point.
  • Following this is the Seudah which is the festive meal of the wedding and all the fun, entertainment and joy that follows.

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  • "I wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last 8 months which culminated in our wedding being the best day of my life. It is not easy when you are so far away but I soon found I could trust you completely. You are as much of a perfectionist as I am! Further, you added so much to this event with all the creative ideas you brought to us. Many of my guests specifically acknowledged the creativity that went into everything." more...

  • "My husband and I used the services of Naomi and Imagine Events for our wedding in Israel last year. All in all, it was a success 100%. She took care of absolutely everything. We as the couple had nothing to worry about, the wedding was perfect and every one of our guests complimented us about it, she took care of negotiatingg all the prices very well with the Israeli suppliers and ran them on every little detail." more...

  • "Thank you so much for finding everyone that worked on the wedding. But most importantly, thank you for YOU because you have been so helpful and demonstrated immense care, support, love toward not only your job but toward us as a couple. We enjoyed working with you and hope that we will work with you in the near future on our returning Anniversary trip celebration to Israel!" more...

  • "I would like to thank you very much. We received many, and solely enthusiastic responses from our guests, thanks to the excellent performance you and your team delivered during the four days of events and the many weeks of preparation. Your fast, flexible yet cost-effective approach was much appreciated. I’d recommend your service anytime and do hope to being able to work with you again in the future." more...