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  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ
  • Weddings FAQ

Weddings FAQ

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Why use a wedding planner?

By using a wedding planner, you give yourself a single interlocutor who will be on the ground on your behalf, planning and arranging the wedding in all its details. Couples who start on this journey don’t always realize how time consuming it is to plan a destination wedding. It often happens that they contact us after having tried to do it alone, realizing that they lack both the time and the necessary familiarity with the local market and all that is to be prepared.

In fact, starting out with a planner removes all uncertainties, stress and possible complications from the equation. With us, you secure that you will get the best price offers and not be over-charged by any vendors. You economize many hundreds of hours coordinating the various suppliers, giving and receiving information, searching the net for good people to work with, etc.

In short, the wedding planner saves you time and money and guarantees you will get a flawless result.

What will it cost me?

We have done weddings as cost effective as 25,000 Euros all included, and as extravagant as several million dollars. There are countless variables from the choice of location, the number of guests, what is invested in decoration and design, what musicians are brought in to play and entertain, what dinner and wine are served, on and on.

For those with a fixed budget, we can offer you packages which will include every usually needed supplier, from caterer to photo and video, to hair and makeup, which will be very cost effective.

For others, we will build a budget together with you based on your choices and desires, informing you of the costs of the various options as we go so you will build your dream wedding while remaining in control.

What is the cost of your service?

Depending on the event, we charge a fee equivalent to about 10 to 15% of the event budget. This is a standard for event production all over the world. If you prefer to work with a fixed fee, we can also make an offer to that effect, once we have all the basic information about the wedding or event envisioned.

You should know that many vendors and suppliers give us better rates than those you would get in contacting them directly. Because of this factor, the wedding planner actually costs you less than the above fee.

How does it work, where do I begin?

You should start by filling out our form and giving us as many details as you can about the event. We will contact you promptly by phone or email.

From there, once we understand your wants and needs, we will propose various wedding venues or locations and start to create the event with you.

Are you present at the day of the wedding?

Of course! We are present from beginning to end, and even “after the end” making sure all is wrapped up, photos and videos, thank you’s, etc.

Do you also take care of other services needed around the wedding, such as arranging accommodations for guests, etc?

Yes. We regularly take care of all the other parties, Hennes, Shabbat Hattan and dinners that take place before and after the wedding.

We usually also take care of guest accommodation and transport from when they arrive to Israel to when they leave. It is quite customary for us to arrange for guests to tour around Israel or to a specific location as part of the festivities as well.

We have very good rates and efficient organization for all the above.

How long in advance of the date should I start preparing and booking suppliers?

If your guests come from outside Israel, they should receive the invitation inviting them to Israel 6 months in advance. For this reason, you should ideally contact us 8 months ahead of the wedding. But there again, because of our familiarity and experience, we have been able to produce a wedding with as short as 2 weeks notice. So don’t worry and feel free to contact us no matter the situation.

Can I hire you to partially take care of the event, or take care of only one aspect?

We provide a full and complete wedding planning service, taking care of everything from beginning to end. We know as professionals that you cannot be responsible for something that you cannot control fully, and therefore partial wedding planning is just a recipe for failure. It would be like an orchestra director who only directs half the musicians while the others just play along as they wish.

If you do not wish for a full planning service, we can offer to put you in contact with suppliers or offer you a package with all the required wedding suppliers, but in this case, you would then take it from there with each and we would not be planning the wedding at all. This is the only workable alternative.

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  • "I wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last 8 months which culminated in our wedding being the best day of my life. It is not easy when you are so far away but I soon found I could trust you completely. You are as much of a perfectionist as I am! Further, you added so much to this event with all the creative ideas you brought to us. Many of my guests specifically acknowledged the creativity that went into everything." more...

  • "My husband and I used the services of Naomi and Imagine Events for our wedding in Israel last year. All in all, it was a success 100%. She took care of absolutely everything. We as the couple had nothing to worry about, the wedding was perfect and every one of our guests complimented us about it, she took care of negotiatingg all the prices very well with the Israeli suppliers and ran them on every little detail." more...

  • "Thank you so much for finding everyone that worked on the wedding. But most importantly, thank you for YOU because you have been so helpful and demonstrated immense care, support, love toward not only your job but toward us as a couple. We enjoyed working with you and hope that we will work with you in the near future on our returning Anniversary trip celebration to Israel!" more...

  • "I would like to thank you very much. We received many, and solely enthusiastic responses from our guests, thanks to the excellent performance you and your team delivered during the four days of events and the many weeks of preparation. Your fast, flexible yet cost-effective approach was much appreciated. I’d recommend your service anytime and do hope to being able to work with you again in the future." more...