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You've chosen to get married in Israel because of your connection to the land, for family or religious reasons, because you've heard it's more cost effective or simply just because of the beauty of the various wedding venues and locations. We will plan and organize your wedding from beginning to end, with you. We specialize in clients from outside Israel, mainly from the US, UK, France but also from a diversity of other EU and no EU countries. We are there to enable our clients to plan their dream wedding in Israel, no matter the distance, the differences in mentality, in taste, in customs. We know the Israel events and wedding market inside and out and have endless ideas and creativity to apply to your wedding. We can and will recommend the best suppliers, the best venues and still find solutions for you to be able to meet your budget. Israel offers many exceptional wedding locations, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. While you want to be completely undisturbed and enjoy this happy day, all your needs will be taken care of perfectly. Together we will create the concept of the wedding to your full satisfaction, and so that the wedding will resemble you. Imagine Events will help you make reality match your vision. Imagine Events will work with you along every step of the preparation of your wedding. We will make everything happen and ensure that you get the best from each of the suppliers and trades involved in the wedding. Our planning and supervision service includes:
You want to be a guest at your own event, and have it be perfect down the the smallest details? You want this to be the best day of your life. It can and will be.

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